Personalized gifts for bookworms? Check them out!

The best personalized gifts for bookworms are available in the Geek Updated store @ Zazzle

A great thing about these designs from Zazzle is that you can customize them on several levels.

On the web, you can find thousands of products designed for book lovers. 

The thing is that you may still not find the right one. The fonts are too childish, the colors are too bright, the message is fine… but you would change it a bit.

To solve this problem, I have spent several recent weeks on creating custom bookish designs that you can quickly adjust to your specific needs.

User customization is one of the greatest things about Zazzle – one of the leading online sites connecting designers and consumers.

On Zazzle, you will be able to quickly change the text and see the product as you would receive it. Obviously, you can pick up a different background color of the t-shirt.

What’s even more important, you can transfer any of these designs to dozens of other products, including personal accessories, different apparel items, or home decor.

All I need is love and [personalize] t-shirt

Love is the most important thing in life… but sometimes you need something else. This vintage, gothic artwork says “All I need is love, and by «love» I mean romance books”.

You can customize the text after “and”. Be creative and say exactly what you want! ⇢ Customize

Bookworm since [personalize] t-shirt

What book turned you into a dedicated bookworm? This vintage artwork, inspired by classic print design, shows the text “Bookworm since”, followed by a field where you can type the title of the book that changed you forever. A great gift idea for book lovers of all ages. ⇢ Customize

My kingdom for [personalize] tote bag

“A horse, a horse! Kingdom for a horse!” is a famous quote from William Shakespeare’s “Richard III”. A horse? Really? This vintage artwork says “My Kingdom for another tote bag full of books”.

Use the blue “Personalize” button to add your own clever, crazy, funny message. Or transfer the design to another product and add a custom text there. ⇢ Customize

Celebrate [personalize] Day Every Day t-shirt

Celebrate the happy day every day! This vintage artwork lets you express your joy all year long. The design lets you customize two fields: “Celebrate” and “Custom”. Therefore you can say, for instance, “Tolkien Reading Day, every day”. Any other ideas? Have fun! ⇢ Customize

Fully personalized mountains t-shirt

Do you love nature, freedom, and mountains? This vintage artwork shows an engraved mountain landscape, starts with a text “All I need is…” You can personalize the main text – there is room for three verses. You can also add a custom text at the bottom, or leave it blank.

Mountains, books, coffee, freedom, fresh air? What do you need the most? ⇢ Customize

Revolution begins as soon as [personalize] t-shirt

Time to start a revolution, comrades! Wait, I need to finish one little thing… This vintage artwork says “The revolution begins as soon as I master the art of speed-reading while eating a pizza”.

Use the quick personalization tools to add your own cool message! ⇢ Customize

Custom minimalist book club button

Are you looking for a name and design for your new book club? This elegant, modern artwork says “Double-Booked Book Club”.

Don’t like the name? No problem. Use this fully personalized template to quickly add your book club name, club type, milestone year, and an optional text. In total, there are four areas to customize. Enjoy! ⇢ Customize

Team [personalize] since [personalize] t-shirt

Who is your favorite author? Now you can express it. Just use the “Personalize” button to type the author’s name and a milestone year.  The design is also available in a light color combination.

The “Since XXXX” is fully customizable, so you can leave it blank or get creative with a totally different message. ⇢ Customize

[Personalize] matter t-shirt

Who or what matters to you the most? Now you can easily express it. This vintage artwork is fully editable. You can place your text in three text areas. Libraries matter, bookstores matter, banned books matter. Act now! ⇢ Customize

I may earn a commission if you buy something through this post.

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