Printable book lover’s calendars for April-June are here!

Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for April, May, and June / Source: Ebook Friendly

The next three monthly Book Lover’s Calendars are now available for download! 

Each printable file is in the pdf format, with 192 dpi quality, in 8.5 × 11 inch size. It’s large enough to be printed on the US letter or A4 paper.

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4-year-old Jayce Joyce may break the Guinness record for the youngest published author

Jayce Joyce has submitted an application to the Guinness World Records to recognize him as the youngest male writer to publish a book / Photo: Azer News

Jayce Joyce is now only 4 years and 10 months old. His mother has just helped him submit an application for the youngest male person to publish a book.

His two first books are A Beach With No Sea and Jayce’s Sweet Tooth. They were published on February 23, 2023, by the Book Chief Publishing House. 

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The beauty of Jane Austen’s handwriting

Jane Austen’s letter to Cassandra / Image: The British Library

In times of ugly memes shared on Twitter by Eon Musk, I need more than ever before the authentic look of handwriting and the feel of a used textured paper.

Among online collections curated by The British Library, you can find a wonderful example of the personality transferred to the paper. It’s Jane Austen’s letter to her sister Cassandra, written in April 1811.

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Report: global ebook market to be worth $32 billion in 2032

A woman reading an ebook / Image: Freepik

I just got an email from Persistence Market Research, with highlights from the report on global ebook market perspectives.

According to the report, ebook sales are expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.9% between 2022 and 2032.

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7 ways to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day

Photo by cottonbro studio on

Today is World Read-Aloud Day!

Celebrated on the first Wednesday in February, it’s a global literacy initiative that encourages adults and children from around the world to celebrate the power of reading aloud and share stories with one another.

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Reader’s camo for every occasion (cartoon)

A new cartoon by Tom Gauld for the Guardian. I need a reader’s camo for a sofa, bed, and campsite. You?

Source: Tom Gauld on Tumblr

WPA posters on how to use a print book

How to use a print book – WPA posters from the collection of the Library of Congress / Images: LOC

Take a look at these lesser-known WPA posters from the Library of Congress collection. They are focused on teaching kids how to use – and how not to use – a print book.

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Public domain books by Hemingway and Conan Doyle are already free to download!

Books by Ernest Hemingway and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are already available on Project Gutenberg / Book covers: Project Gutenberg

Books by Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, and A.A. Milne entered the public domain on January 1, 2023.

It means that you will be able to read or reuse it without limitations. It’s because the book’s intellectual property rights have expired.

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Kingdom for a horse or a book?

Kingdom for a book – a design by Piotr Kowalczyk / Image: Reader Updated

If you read books, you’d know there is a better way to solve problems than going to wars.

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5 reasons why we need school libraries (infographic)

School libraries provide students with access to books and materials that are essential to their learning and development.

They are not only a place where students can find books and research materials, but also a place to relax and find information they need to complete an assignment.

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