The best high schools in the US by state (infographic)

The ranking of the best high schools in the US by state / Infographic by the U.S. Career Institute

Picking up the best possible high school can significantly impact academic and personal development, future educational opportunities, and career prospects.

The U.S. Career Institute examined the proficiency scores of public schools in order to determine the best high school in each state.

The visual is based on the data from Public School Review, comparing reading and math proficiency scores for public high schools across the United States.

💬 The best high school in California, which is the most populous state in the country, is Science Academy STEM Magnet in North Hollywood. The school has a math proficiency score of more than 99% and a reading proficiency of 98%.

When comparing the scores, please keep in mind that individual states determine criteria for proficiency according to their own tests.

Make sure to check out the infographic that lists America’s 50 best universities in 2022-23, from public institutions to the Ivy League.

Click on the infographic to see it in full resolution.

Source: The Best High School in Every U.S. State

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