Add Reader Updated to your social media and news channels!

Reader Updated – social media channels and newsreaders / Image: Freepik

What’s your favorite social network? What’s your primary way to stay informed?

If you would like to get quick tips and news about reading, books, and libraries, feel free to connect with Reader Updated.

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A quick guide to borrowing free library ebooks via OverDrive (infographic)

E-reader and print books in a library / Photo by Perfecto Capucine @

February is Library Lover’s Month. The most popular platform used by libraries to lend ebooks is OverDrive. More than 40,000 libraries and other institutions around the world are powered by that platform.

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Report: global ebook market to be worth $32 billion in 2032

A woman reading an ebook / Image: Freepik

I just got an email from Persistence Market Research, with highlights from the report on global ebook market perspectives.

According to the report, ebook sales are expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.9% between 2022 and 2032.

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Reader’s camo for every occasion (cartoon)

A new cartoon by Tom Gauld for the Guardian. I need a reader’s camo for a sofa, bed, and campsite. You?

Source: Tom Gauld on Tumblr

WPA posters on how to use a print book

How to use a print book – WPA posters from the collection of the Library of Congress / Images: LOC

Take a look at these lesser-known WPA posters from the Library of Congress collection. They are focused on teaching kids how to use – and how not to use – a print book.

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The beauty of a pseudo-marbling composition notebook

Vintage composition notebook design beautified to look great on dozens of products / Design by Piotr Kowalczyk @ Zazzle

A composition book is a writing notebook that consists of a stiff cardboard cover and contains around 100 pages of ruled paper.

There are thousands of cover designs available on composition notebooks, but nothing beats the iconic, old-school, black and white pattern.

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Public domain books by Hemingway and Conan Doyle are already free to download!

Books by Ernest Hemingway and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are already available on Project Gutenberg / Book covers: Project Gutenberg

Books by Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, and A.A. Milne entered the public domain on January 1, 2023.

It means that you will be able to read or reuse it without limitations. It’s because the book’s intellectual property rights have expired.

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Kingdom for a horse or a book?

Kingdom for a book – a design by Piotr Kowalczyk / Image: Reader Updated

If you read books, you’d know there is a better way to solve problems than going to wars.

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The masterpieces of Russian literature with main characters killed in the war

One day, I asked myself a question: How would the famous Russian novels be if the main characters were missing?

What would Anna Karenina have been, if Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky had been killed in the first part?

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Has ChatGPT really passed an MBA exam?

Since the report from the Wharton Business School researchers was released, many posts on social media, for instance this one, claim it has.

I decided to find the answer at the source, and congratulated ChatGPT. Here is the answer:

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The tech behind the next-gen education (infographic)

How technology is reimagining education / Infographic by Best Education Degrees

Technology has drastically altered our lives, and now education needs to catch up.

From Best Education Degrees comes an infographic that takes a look at the future of education.

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