Personalized gifts for bookworms? Check them out!

A great thing about these designs from Zazzle is that you can customize them on several levels.

Add Reader Updated to your social media and news channels!

We are waiting for you on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr. Get us via WordPress Reader, Google News, and RSS.

The future of blended learning (infographic)

Blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional face-to-face instruction with the elements of online learning techniques.

Ebook market worldwide revenue 2018-2027 (chart)

The global revenue in the segment of electronic books is forecast to continuously increase by 8.3% since 2023, to reach 15.4 billion USD in 2027.

12 wonderful beach houses for bookworms (pictures)

Close your eyes, imagine you are in one of those book-friendly beach houses somewhere far, far away from your daily problems – and start reading.

The ethical issues of artificial intelligence (comparison chart)

It’s important to be aware of all the pros and cons of artificial intelligence and all the tools that use it.

Plans for a new library (cartoon)

A new cartoon by Tom Gauld for the Guardian.

Global sentiment towards artificial intelligence (infographic)

The infographic shows that people living in wealthier countries view AI tools and services less positively.

Popular quotes about books and libraries visualized by AI (images)

Can artificial intelligence interpret abstract concepts and visualize intangible entities? Check out how it handles famous book quotes.

4 ways to detect AI-generated content (infographic)

The best approach is to use a combination of these tools and find out which set brings the best results. Tip: use AI against itself.

These steampunk bookmobiles will take you everywhere

The campaign “Books will take you everywhere” is using images of awesome steampunk bookmobiles that were created by artificial intelligence.

Read books and unlock a world of hidden treasures!

These READ posters show the exciting world of books and reading by simply filling the letters with stunning images. Created with artificial intelligence.

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