Printable book lover’s calendars for April-June are here!

Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for April, May, and June / Source: Ebook Friendly

The next three monthly Book Lover’s Calendars are now available for download! 

Each printable file is in the pdf format, with 192 dpi quality, in 8.5 × 11 inch size. It’s large enough to be printed on the US letter or A4 paper.

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It’s National Reading Month 2023! How are you going to celebrate?

National Reading Month 2023 / Photo by Monstera on

Founded in 1996, by the National Council of Teachers of English, National Reading Month is an annual month-long celebration of reading. 

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7 ways to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day

Photo by cottonbro studio on

Today is World Read-Aloud Day!

Celebrated on the first Wednesday in February, it’s a global literacy initiative that encourages adults and children from around the world to celebrate the power of reading aloud and share stories with one another.

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WPA posters on how to use a print book

How to use a print book – WPA posters from the collection of the Library of Congress / Images: LOC

Take a look at these lesser-known WPA posters from the Library of Congress collection. They are focused on teaching kids how to use – and how not to use – a print book.

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Amazing Middle-earth libraries created with artificial intelligence

If you are interested in exploring the AI-generated art, take a look at featured images generated by DALL-E or Midjourney users. They are just a tip of the iceberg.

Some artists have already joined popular merch sites – Etsy or Redbubble to name the most popular – and sell their stuff there.

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A new set of inspiring book and library quotes

Book and library quotes / Design by Piotr Kowalczyk

I don’t know how about you, but I’m never enough of inspiring quotes about books, libraries, and reading.

The thing is that I am just fed up with thousands of quotes that are shown in an infantile font face against a flat color background.

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Favorite Shakespeare’s insults to use more often (infographic)

Have you already seen a list of Famous Shakespearean insults for every situation? It was prepared by the Invaluable online fine arts marketplace.

The original list includes over 70 quotes, and some of them – mentioning only “Away, you three-inch fool!” – you must have already known.

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Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for January-March are here!

Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for January, February, and March / Source: Ebook Friendly

Since we published on Ebook Friendly vintage monthly calendars for book lovers, readers were asking us if we planned to share printable copies.

You asked, we listened 😄

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Cancel Netflix and start reading books again

Read books on the same device that you use to watch Netflix / Image: Freepik

Isn’t it the right time to realize that Netflix and other video-on-demand services are taking too much of your precious time?

The habits you’ve developed over the countless Netflix sessions might be helpful. You can use them to turn your binge-watching sessions into binge-reading ones.

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Innovative iPad accessories for avid readers

Best iPad cases and accessories for avid readers / Images: Amazon, Etsy

Many Apple users end up buying original iPad cases and accessories.

Are you looking for something more personal than this? Something that comes from the world of books rather than technology?

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