These steampunk bookmobiles will take you everywhere

Steampunk bookmobiles created with Adobe Firefly AI / Prompts and final design by Piotr Kowalczyk @ Geek Updated

What’s a better tool to say that books can transfer you in no time to universes you’ve never been before?

A bookmobile, of course. What’s more punk than a bookmobile? A steampunk bookmobile!

And here is the idea for a campaign that would have never come to life if not for artificial intelligence.

Inspired by awe-inspiring images of cozy bookmobiles, I was prompting AI to create images of steampunk bookmobiles.

The images were generated by Adobe Firefly AI, the same tool I used to generate a series of read posters. All I did was making the images look like vintage postcards.

Artificial intelligence can be used for the good cause, and I hope this decent campaign serves this purpose.

Where are you travelling today?

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