7 ways to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day

Here are a few quick ways to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day with your family, friends, and community.

WPA posters on how to use a print book

They are focused on teaching kids how to use – and how not to use – a print book.

Amazing Middle-earth libraries created with artificial intelligence

These outstanding Tolkien-style images come from an artist who is calling herself CallaAndAI, and offers “Human/AI hybrid art.”

A new set of inspiring book and library quotes

Motivational quotes about books and libraries, visualized on a beautiful mulberry paper and a classic font.

Favorite Shakespeare’s insults to use more often (infographic)

The original list includes over 70 quotes, and some of them – mentioning only “Away, you three-inch fool!” – you must have already known.

Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for January-March are here!

Download high-resolution calendars in the pdf format that's large enough to be printed on the US letter or A4 paper.

Cancel Netflix and start reading books again

Use your Netflix habits to turn your binge-watching sessions into binge-reading ones.

Innovative iPad accessories for avid readers

These wonderful cases, sleeves, and accessories will turn the iPad into an object of utmost desire.

A reading challenge list, created by artificial intelligence

It's probably the world's first reading challenge list, created almost entirely by artificial intelligence.

11 most interesting books that are set in Argentina

Books by Julio Cortázar, Ernesto Sabato, Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, and Roberto Arlt.

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