Reading ebooks before it was cool

Reading ebooks before it was cool – a design by Piotr Kowalczyk

Ebooks are now an inseparable part of the reading experience, together with print books, audiobooks, and enhanced books of all kinds.

It was not always like that. For a long time, many book lovers were afraid that ebooks would replace print books.

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The beauty of Jane Austen’s handwriting

Jane Austen’s letter to Cassandra / Image: The British Library

In times of ugly memes shared on Twitter by Eon Musk, I need more than ever before the authentic look of handwriting and the feel of a used textured paper.

Among online collections curated by The British Library, you can find a wonderful example of the personality transferred to the paper. It’s Jane Austen’s letter to her sister Cassandra, written in April 1811.

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The beauty of a pseudo-marbling composition notebook

Vintage composition notebook design beautified to look great on dozens of products / Design by Piotr Kowalczyk @ Zazzle

A composition book is a writing notebook that consists of a stiff cardboard cover and contains around 100 pages of ruled paper.

There are thousands of cover designs available on composition notebooks, but nothing beats the iconic, old-school, black and white pattern.

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Kingdom for a horse or a book?

Kingdom for a book – a design by Piotr Kowalczyk / Image: Reader Updated

If you read books, you’d know there is a better way to solve problems than going to wars.

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My reading nook would be where this blanket is!

Library throw blanket / Image: Walmart

How have you organized your reading nook? Do you have a peaceful place at home, where you can hide unnoticed for long hours?

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These accessories will help you read for long hours

For avid book readers, any idea that would make the reading session more convenient is most welcome. 

Sometimes, even the most comfortable chair is not enough, especially when it’s not your back that needs some relief, but hands.

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Innovative iPad accessories for avid readers

Best iPad cases and accessories for avid readers / Images: Amazon, Etsy

Many Apple users end up buying original iPad cases and accessories.

Are you looking for something more personal than this? Something that comes from the world of books rather than technology?

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The best, most innovative pillow for hands-free reading

This innovative pillow stand will be extremely helpful for long reading sessions.

It’s a combination of a pillow and stand, allowing you to place your e-reader at the right height and angle no matter which position you choose.

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Vintage “Bookworm Power” design is now available on Amazon

Vintage “Bookworm Power” design by Piotr Kowalczyk / Image: Geek Updated @ Amazon

As you may have known, besides blogging, I also create designs for bookworms and geeks.

One of the recently trending artworks on Zazzle and Redbubble is this vintage-style “Bookworm Power.”

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Clothes from Out of Print are still 20% off!

Out of Print deals Black Friday 2022
Out of Print deal on Black Friday 2022 – save 15-20% / Images: Amazon

Black Friday is not over for book lovers 😄

Prices in the Amazon store of Out of Print are still lower by 15-20% for most, if not all, products:

▸ A water bottle with a legendary composition book design costs $28 ($7 less).

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