Clothes from Out of Print are still 20% off!

Out of Print deals Black Friday 2022
Out of Print deal on Black Friday 2022 – save 15-20% / Images: Amazon

Black Friday is not over for book lovers 😄

Prices in the Amazon store of Out of Print are still lower by 15-20% for most, if not all, products:

▸ A water bottle with a legendary composition book design costs $28 ($7 less).

▸ You can save 20% on highly popular t-shirts with licensed book cover artworks – prices start from $25.

▸ Zipper pouches, “Underground Railroad” among them, cost $11.20 (20% off).

▸ Bibliophile pins, such as “Bookmobile,” are available for $8 instead of $10.

Get these wonderful Out of Print products before they are out of stock.

I may earn a commission if you buy something through this post.

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