A human chain of 600 people helps move library books to a new location!

The Public Library of Rawicz, Poland, organized a fantastic event that helped move a part of its book collection to a new location.

The library called patrons and supporters from the area to participate on November 25, 2022, in a human chain to pass 3,400 boxes with books.

The old and new location are 350 meters away. Over 600 volunteers participated in the human chain, and the event took about two hours.

Adrianna Kaczmarek, the director of the Public Library of Rawicz, said:

💬 The action was supposed to involve 470 people. We recalculated the route from the old place to the new one and decided: that’s enough. But people continued to appear, over 600 came.

A human chain to move the library books? Next time, count me in!

More info (in Polish): Rawicz. “Łańcuch rąk” przeniósł książki do nowej biblioteki

Images: Filip Wybieralski – Elka Radio, Rawicz Library, Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 2, SP Masłowo

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