This beautiful bookshop in West Yellowstone is no more

The Bookworm bookshop, 14 Canyon Street, West Yellowstone / Photo taken by Bryan Scott in 2007

Beautiful photos last longer than beautiful bookshops.

Visit bookshops while they exist. Buy books, make photos, spread the word, and help them survive.

Meet The Bookworm.

It held 42,000 titles for all interests, including rare and special first editions. On the website of Montana Travel & Tourism Information, you can still find the bookshop’s short description:

💬 We are the #1 retailer for authentic Yellowstone memorabilia dating from the 1880s through the 1950s. We have thousands of Haynes postcards. During the long daylight hours in the summer we stay open until 11:00pm. Please come and browse.

You can’t come, and you can browse any longer. The Bookworm is no more.

This magical picture of the entrance to the bookshop was taken back in August 2007 by Bryan Scott. The only information the photographer left was that the store was located somewhere in West Yellowstone, Montana.

I made some research, and found the place: 14 Canyon Street, West Yellowstone, MT 59758.

Nowadays, it’s a gift shop, Buffalo Spirit Trading Post, selling belts, buckles, and Native American art.

Photo: Bryan Scott / Flickr

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