Which book genres do Europeans read the most? (chart)

Europe’s favorite book genres / Chart: Statista

Countless charts show which books are popular among Americans. Here is the one that takes a look at Europe.

The chart was prepared by Statista, and is based on research from Studying in Switzerland, in which Google search volume for each genre was analyzed.

💬 With the global book publishing industry hitting a revenue of $112.5 billion in 2022, this kind of oversight is valuable for knowing which books and authors may flourish in a given country.

▸ Two most popular book categories in Europe are fantasy and romance.

▸ Readers in the UK and Ireland tend to read classic books.

▸ Finland is passionate about poetry, while Norway favors crime novels.

▸ Swedish readers love either manga or classic literature.

▸ Thrillers are most read in Belgium and the Netherlands.

More info: Mapping Europe’s Favorite Reading Materials

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