Amazing Middle-earth libraries created with artificial intelligence

If you are interested in exploring the AI-generated art, take a look at featured images generated by DALL-E or Midjourney users. They are just a tip of the iceberg.

Some artists have already joined popular merch sites – Etsy or Redbubble to name the most popular – and sell their stuff there.

I have found one such artist on Etsy. She is calling herself CallaAndAI, and offers “Human/AI hybrid art.”

So far, CallaAndAI has created (or rather co-created) over 300 fandom concept images, inspired by Tolkien, Marvel, Sherlock, and C.S. Lewis. 

I obviously love the designs that show Tolkien-style or steampunk libraries. These images are breathtaking!

You can get the designs as 12 × 12 inch (ca. 30 cm) art prints on matte finish paper.

Interestingly, they prints are signed. I suppose the signature comes only from the human member of the team.

Source: CallaAndAI store on Etsy

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