The tech behind the next-gen education (infographic)

How technology is reimagining education / Infographic by Best Education Degrees

Technology has drastically altered our lives, and now education needs to catch up.

From Best Education Degrees comes an infographic that takes a look at the future of education.

The visual delves into the influence of technology on classrooms and how it is disrupting traditional education.

💬 The combination of evolving educational needs for children and a more uncertain future of work means that updating what children learn, and how they learn it, has become a crucial issue for schools and colleges – but what should be prioritized?

Take a closer look at the part discussing artificial intelligence, and how chatbots can improve learning.

Best Education Degrees is an online resource for students searching for information about the best educational degrees and programs.

How can teachers effectively integrate technology into their classrooms?

Via: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Education – Visual Capitalist

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