Innovative iPad accessories for avid readers

Best iPad cases and accessories for avid readers / Images: Amazon, Etsy

Many Apple users end up buying original iPad cases and accessories.

Are you looking for something more personal than this? Something that comes from the world of books rather than technology?

💬 For anyone who loves both books and technology, these awesome cases sleeves, and accessories will turn the iPad into an object of utmost desire and make reading books easier than ever before.

In the list at Ebook Friendly, you will find, among others:

▸ iPad cases that look like vintage books and can be personalized with a custom text

▸ Solutions to add a cover image from your favorite book to an iPad case

▸ iPad cases for active readers, equipped with a hand strap and giving extra protection in extreme conditions

▸ iPad stands that allow for reading books without the need to hold the device

▸ Cozy pillow stands that are a perfect accessory for reading in bed or on a sofa

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