The 100 greatest children’s books of all time, according to BBC

BBC Culture surveyed 177 book experts from 56 countries to compile an epic list of the top 100 greatest children's books of all time.

Personalized gifts for bookworms? Check them out!

A great thing about these designs from Zazzle is that you can customize them on several levels.

The best high schools in the US by state (infographic)

The U.S. Career Institute examined the proficiency scores of public schools in order to determine the best high school in each state.

Report: Children in the UK read 24% more books last year

This surge in reading was attributed to new social media trends such as the BookTok community on TikTok.

Artificial intelligence vs. humans in academic exams (infographic)

Artificial intelligence is now capable of human-level performance in many professional and academic exams.

5 most effective ways to engage readers with ebooks (infographic)

Ebooks, audiobooks, and other technologies can be used to improve reading skills and increase the digital literacy. Here are five ways to use them.

How to reference artificial intelligence (infographic)

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, it becomes essential to properly cite it. Here are helpful citation guidelines in MLA and APA styles.

Vintage-style quotes about books and reading

Vintage book quotes inspired by old book design – coined and designed by Piotr Kowalczyk (Geek Updated).

Why students should keep reading books during the summer (infographic)

The average student loses up to 34% of the prior year’s learning gains during the holidays.

What is a real book? (cartoon)

Have you ever found yourself in a spirited debate about what truly defines a "real" book?

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