Bookworm Cabin – the perfect place to find peace and connect with books and nature

The Bookworm Cabin combines simplicity and Scandinavian closeness to nature with reading nook essentials.

If famous book characters were living in times of social distancing

Look how The Three Musketeers, Romeo and Juliet, or The Brothers Karamazov would look like if they were written in a time when social distancing were a forced way of living.

Read books before robots do (pics)

I have used robots to create and share images of robots reading books – an attempt to convince you to read more.

Reader’s camo for every occasion (cartoon)

I need a reader’s camo for a sofa, bed, and campsite. You?

WPA posters on how to use a print book

They are focused on teaching kids how to use – and how not to use – a print book.

The masterpieces of Russian literature with main characters killed in the war

One day, I asked myself a question: How would the famous Russian novels be if the main characters were missing?

Amazing Middle-earth libraries created with artificial intelligence

These outstanding Tolkien-style images come from an artist who is calling herself CallaAndAI, and offers “Human/AI hybrid art.”

Avid reader creates stunning scenes using her colossal book library

Elizabeth Sagan creates breathtaking literary scenes and shares them via her extremely popular Instagram profile.

Mystery solved: the photo of a woman with a giant book is real!

The photo was taken in 1958 by a Czech photographer Miroslav Peterka at the Clementinum, Prague.

Beautiful “Read” posters for classrooms and libraries

Andrew Kolb created the posters for Artists for Education, a movement bringing artists together to create free, beautiful, educational artwork for classrooms.

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