USA Today’s best-selling books list is suspended

USA Today’s book bestseller list was compiled weekly from sales data from retailers across the United States.

Green Monday 2022: stock up your Kindle for $0.99 and up

Today (and today only) Amazon slashed the prices of 75 popular Kindle books, including the novels by Mary Kubica and Greg Iles. 

Goodreads Choice 2022 winners are here! Get them for your Kindle

The GCA 2022 best fiction is Gabrielle Zevin’s Tomorrow. The best debut is Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.

Book Riot reveals the Read Harder Challenge for 2023!

The Read Harder Challenge 2023 is an invitation to have more fun from discovering and reading books.

OverDrive reached 3 billion checkouts of ebooks and audiobooks worldwide!

It took OverDrive four years to reach the first 1 million checkouts in 2007. One billion checkouts were reached 11 years later, in 2018.

60 most read books on Goodreads in 2022 – which ones have you read?

The big winner is Colleen Hoover, with four novels in the top 10 most read books on Goodreads in 2022

Teaching kids how to tell stories could help them with reading and writing

Study: ability to tell stories out loud can more effectively improve reading comprehension and writing skills.

50 best universities in the US – ranked, compared, and visualized

The list is based on data from U.S. News and World Report that ranks America’s 50 best universities, from public institutions to the Ivy League.

Why have Russians destroyed thousands of Ukrainian libraries?

Since the start of the invasion, Russians have destroyed several thousand libraries in Ukraine. Among them are not only state or university libraries.

A famous bookseller from a country where 26% of the population still can’t read

Mohammed Aziz owns a bookshop in Rabat, Morocco. He sells one or two books a day.

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