What women vs. men like to read and review (chart)

The report and chart is based on over 200 thousand Goodreads books with reviews, focusing on the top 50 genres.

Top 13 most challenged books of 2022 (infographic)

In 2022, there was an unprecedented number of book challenges, with 1,269 reported. It’s the highest number of attempted book bans since ALA started tracking censorship in libraries more than 20 years ago.

Public libraries can become powerful hubs for workforce development (infographic)

The infographic presents the results of a recent survey about the career and business development services provided by public libraries.

A literary travel guide to the United Kingdom (infographic)

Are you planning a book-themed visit to the United Kingdom? What literary locations are you longing to explore?

The science of reading, and why it matters to learn about it (infographic)

The science of reading focuses on the components of reading, including decoding, fluency, comprehension, motivation, and instruction.

How many times the world’s top authors could fill the Library of Congress (infographic)

William Shakespeare sold approximately 4 billion books, and that volume is 103 times the size of the Library of Congress.

How chatbots can improve education – 3 ways

Chatbots can be very useful in education. They may become one of the most promising tech tools used for learning.

A quick guide to borrowing free library ebooks via OverDrive (infographic)

Here are 7 simple steps to unlocking a free library of ebooks. Use OverDrive, and you will have access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks.

The tech behind the next-gen education (infographic)

The visual delves into the influence of technology on classrooms and how it is disrupting traditional education.

5 reasons why we need school libraries (infographic)

School libraries are an invaluable resource for students, teachers, and the community. Here are five reasons why they matter more than ever before.

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