How to read Kindle books on your iPad without an Amazon app

Read Kindle books in Safari on iPad

A simple solution to get access to Kindle books from your other Amazon account is to open an online Kindle reader in a Safari or Chrome browser on your iPad.

Best gadgets of 2022 for tech and book lovers

This list of the best gadgets of 2022 includes a few that are perfect for book lovers, including Kindle Scribe and innovative reading glasses. Most of the gadgets included in the following list don’t need a long and complex installation process. They start working – and let you enjoy them – the moment after you …

Amazon Fire tablet – most innovative but still affordable accessories and gifts in 2022-23

In the list below, you will find accessories that could meet all possible needs – and there is no single case cover among them. You can use any of the products yourself, but they also make great gifts for anyone who is using an Amazon Fire tablet. Source: 14 best Amazon Fire tablet accessories and …

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