17 best Kindle sleeves and bags to get in 2022-23 season

This overview lists the most interesting sleeves, bags, and organizers that are compatible with current Kindle models.

Should I buy Kindle Scribe in 2022?

Kindle Scribe is Amazon’s first e-paper device that lets you make handwritten notes, but there are more factors to consider than just impressive tech… Kindle Scribe – 5 reasons you should buy it and 4 you should not

Kindle Scribe Black Friday 2022 deal? Don’t expect it

The newest, 10.2-inch Kindle with handwriting support will cost during Black Friday $340 – the regular price. However, you can expect a prolonged … There will be no Kindle Scribe deal during Black Friday 2022

Kindle 11 (2022) – everything you need to know before buying it

Is the new $99 Amazon Kindle 2022 model worth buying? Or maybe you should pay extra $40 and get the shiny Paperwhite 5? This roundup will help you … Amazon Kindle 11 (2022) – things to know before buying it

Reblogged: Kindle Scribe 10.2-inch, 1st generation – full tech specs

Kindle Scribe, Amazon’s first e-paper device designed for both reading and writing, comes with handwriting support, and features a large 10.2-inch display.

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