Black Friday 2022 Kindle deals revealed, no Kindle 11 yet

You can get the Paperwhite for $95 and the Oasis for $165. Plus, there are several deals on Kindle bundles, allowing you to save even 44%.

4 revealing facts on how people read on screen (infographic)

From the elearning company Shift comes an interesting infographic that takes a closer look at how we read on electronic displays.

New Kindle 11 vs. Paperwhite 5 – size comparison

Is the 6-inch display large enough Why not get the 6.8-inch Paperwhite and enjoy 13% more space for bigger text and larger margins?

If you missed it: How to add bionic formatted books to Kindle

Bionic reading is not yet built into the Kindle ecosystem. However, if you are excited about this revolutionary reading method, you can download … How to add bionic formatted books to Kindle

Make your reading more comfortable with hands-free accessories

It's worth considering accessories and appliances that will let you read books hands-free.

Kindle 2022 – things to know before buying it

Ebook Friendly has a post detailing all the pros and cons of the newest Amazon Kindle model: The 2022 Kindle has high-resolution display, 16 GB memory, and USB-C port. It’s available in Black and Denim / Image: Amazon Is the new $99 Amazon Kindle 2022 model worth buying? 3,213 more words Amazon Kindle 11 (2022) – …

Turning print readers into digital readers

Rising paper and print prices are accelerating publishers’ need for digital transformation. In this context, bridging print subscribers to new digital habits is more important than ever. — Read on

All you need to know about Kindle Scribe 10.2-inch, 1st generation, 2022 release

Kindle Scribe, Amazon’s first e-paper device designed for both reading and writing, comes with handwriting support, and features a large 10.2-inch … Kindle Scribe 10.2-inch, 1st generation – full tech specs

Everything you need to know about free books for Kindle

Looking for free Kindle books that you can download to your computer, Kindle e-reader or Kindle app? Here are the legal online sources, plus key usage tips. Source: Download free books for Kindle – sources and tips

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