5 most effective ways to engage readers with ebooks (infographic)

Ebooks, audiobooks, and other technologies can be used to improve reading skills and increase the digital literacy. Here are five ways to use them.

How to reference artificial intelligence (infographic)

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, it becomes essential to properly cite it. Here are helpful citation guidelines in MLA and APA styles.

Vintage-style quotes about books and reading

Vintage book quotes inspired by old book design – coined and designed by Piotr Kowalczyk (Geek Updated).

Why students should keep reading books during the summer (infographic)

The average student loses up to 34% of the prior year’s learning gains during the holidays.

Who is your favorite author? Now you can easily express it!

If you had to choose one author as your favorite, who would it be? Which writer do you admire the most?

What is a real book? (cartoon)

Have you ever found yourself in a spirited debate about what truly defines a "real" book?

20 ways to use ChatGPT in education (infographic)

There are many ways in which educators and students can utilize ChatGPT. The chart lists the most helpful ones.

What book turned you into a dedicated bookworm?

Personalized Bookworm Since T-shirt

What book turned you into a bookworm? Now you can express it with a vintage design that you can customize with the book's title.

What women vs. men like to read and review (chart)

The report and chart is based on over 200 thousand Goodreads books with reviews, focusing on the top 50 genres.

12 insanely beautiful metal decorative accessories for bookworms

Explore some of the best home decor items for book lovers that are handmade from metal: steel, brass, copper, bolts, or industrial pipes.

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