How to amplify literacy with technology (infographic)

With the right tools and strategies, teachers and students can maximize their literacy skills and better prepare themselves for the 21st century. 

Internet Archive is using AI to extract words from 100-year-old records

Recently, The Internet Archive was using Whisper, an AI speech recognition tool, to extract spoken and sung words from old, noisy 78rpm records.

7 ways to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day

Here are a few quick ways to celebrate World Read-Aloud Day with your family, friends, and community.

Scribd gift membership plans are currently 15% off

The 6-month gift plan costs $59.99 instead of $72. You can buy the 12-month gift membership for $119.99.

OverDrive reached 3 billion checkouts of ebooks and audiobooks worldwide!

It took OverDrive four years to reach the first 1 million checkouts in 2007. One billion checkouts were reached 11 years later, in 2018.

Audible editors reveal the best audiobooks and podcasts of 2022

The best audiobook of 2022, according to Audible editors, is All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir.

How to gift Audible audiobooks via Amazon

Go to Audible Gift Center on Amazon, choose a plan, and send the gift via email.

Which Kindle is the best for listening to audiobooks?

Are you planning to use your Kindle to listen to audiobooks? Which Kindle model do you have? Is it the best one for audiobook playing? Which Kindle is the best for audiobooks?

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