How chatbots can improve education – 3 ways

Chatbots in education – a part of the infographic by Best Education Degrees

Chatbots can be very useful in education. They may become one of the most promising tech tools used for learning.

They can be used to provide students with personalized learning experiences, facilitate communication between students and teachers, and provide guidance and advice.

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Read books before robots do (pics)

Adorable robots reading books – images created by DALL•E artbot

Bots who follow me on social media know it very well: I’m a little nuts about getting people to read more books.

Here is my next attempt. Some time ago, I came up with a simple line, “read books before robots do”. Now, deliberately and sarcastically, I exploit robots to help me accomplish the task.

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Has ChatGPT really passed an MBA exam?

Since the report from the Wharton Business School researchers was released, many posts on social media, for instance this one, claim it has.

I decided to find the answer at the source, and congratulated ChatGPT. Here is the answer:

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The tech behind the next-gen education (infographic)

How technology is reimagining education / Infographic by Best Education Degrees

Technology has drastically altered our lives, and now education needs to catch up.

From Best Education Degrees comes an infographic that takes a look at the future of education.

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Amazing Middle-earth libraries created with artificial intelligence

If you are interested in exploring the AI-generated art, take a look at featured images generated by DALL-E or Midjourney users. They are just a tip of the iceberg.

Some artists have already joined popular merch sites – Etsy or Redbubble to name the most popular – and sell their stuff there.

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Over 70 books created with artificial intelligence are already available on Amazon

Ammaar Reshi’s Alice and Sparkle is the most famous book created with AI tools. It’s currently among the top 10 bestsellers in the Children’s Computers & Technology Books category.

The book provoked a discussion about artists’ role, copyright issues, and the nature of creative process.

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A reading challenge list, created by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence / Photo: Freepik

As you may know, we use AI tools to come up with blog post ideas, summarize and simplify complex source articles, or rewrite sentences.

Artificial intelligence is especially helpful in creating all kinds of lists. I asked OpenAI playground tool to “create a reading challenge list.”

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