8 classic posters with quotes about libraries and librarians

Take a look at a series of library posters that were inspired by classic typography.

Cat lovers rejoice! The 2023 Cattitude book bundle is here

The new book bundle from StoryBundle includes mysteries, space opera, fantasy, and romance books. What they all have in common is cats. Lots of cats!

The first library in Poland was opened in 1747

The library's revolutionary policy of welcoming all individuals, regardless of their wealth or education, made it a pioneering institution across the globe.

Internet Archive is using AI to extract words from 100-year-old records

Recently, The Internet Archive was using Whisper, an AI speech recognition tool, to extract spoken and sung words from old, noisy 78rpm records.

Finding free short stories online

There are several websites online where you can find high-quality short stories for free, such as Electric Literature, The New Yorker, Project Gutenberg, Fictionaut, Wattpad, 3:AM Magazine, and Inkitt.

2022 has marked a record high of requests to censor library books and materials

The number of reported book challenges in 2022 nearly doubles the challenges reported in 2021.

Public libraries can become powerful hubs for workforce development (infographic)

The infographic presents the results of a recent survey about the career and business development services provided by public libraries.

A literary travel guide to the United Kingdom (infographic)

Are you planning a book-themed visit to the United Kingdom? What literary locations are you longing to explore?

Cute kitties playing with books (AI photos)

These realistic photos of adorable cats with books were created with artificial intelligence.

Mesmerizing images of vintage bookmobiles waiting for you to come in

Lulu Moon Owl Books shares on Instagram a series of breathtaking images that show cozy, beautifully enlightened bookmobiles that are ready for your visit.

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