Clever and uncommon gift ideas for the Kindle lover in your life

Kindle t-shirts and other apparel, ebook subscriptions, gift cards, or literary jewelry are among the gifts you can give someone who reads ebooks using a Kindle e-reader or app. 3,201 more words

16 gift ideas for the Kindle lover in your life — Ebook Friendly

Kindle case or sleeve? I prefer a sleeve. You?

Do you really have to buy a case every time you get a new Kindle? Maybe all you need is a decent sleeve that could serve you much longer than just a year or two. 2,516 more words

Kindle case or sleeve? These tips will help you decide — Ebook Friendly

Keep track with upcoming literary events with these concise monthly calendars

These fun literary calendars include not only the most important dates and events, but also a reading challenge for each week, a fun fact, and a bookish quote. 3,533 more words

Literary calendars for 12 months of your exciting reading life! — Ebook Friendly

Here are the most popular languages in the U.S., besides English and Spanish

Cantonese and Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Arabic are the most commonly spoken languages, if we don’t count English and Spanish. Every year, the U.S. Census Bureau… 358 more words

Most popular languages in the U.S., besides English and Spanish (infographic) — Ebook Friendly

Russian novels with main characters killed in the war…

What would the masterpieces of Russian literature have been, if the main characters had been missing? See The Brothers Karamazov, War and Peace, and… 536 more words

If the characters from famous Russian novels had been killed in the war — Ebook Friendly

What are the most popular literary hotspots across America?

100% of novels set in Pearl Harbor belong to the historical fiction genre. New York City is the most common literary setting in the United States. 971 more words

The most popular literary hotspots across America, by state and genre (infographics) — Ebook Friendly

Discover the books set nearest to you with a new online tool

Enter the ZIP code or type a location in the United States, and you will see the most popular books set nearest to you in six genres. 547 more words

This online tool helps discover the books set nearest to you — Ebook Friendly

Make reading ebooks even more enjoyable with these awesome accessories

Check out these innovative and clever accessories that you may need for your e-reader more than a case cover. When you buy a new e-reader, you will most probably start looking for a case to give it immediate protection. 3,465 more words

Most useful e-reader accessories for the ultimate reading pleasure — Ebook Friendly

Are you going to try bionic reading? Here are things to know

Bionic reading shows parts of the text in bold, letting your brain complete the rest. Bionic reading is a free tool that brings an enhanced reading experience to your current e-reading device or app. 1,939 more words

Bionic reading – everything you need to know — Ebook Friendly

Maybe you don’t need a case cover for your e-reader at all

In this provoking list, I discuss whether case covers are still a must-have e-reader accessory. Almost anyone who buys a new e-reader starts looking for a relevant case cover. 1,447 more words

8 reasons you don’t need a case cover for your e-reader — Ebook Friendly
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