44 English idioms related to food and eating (infographic)

Even if you are a couch potato, you can be a smart cookie and a big cheese who knows his onions if you sell these expressions like hot cakes.

Cyber Monday 2022 Kindle Unlimited deal has been revealed

You can get the subscription for $0.99 and save $30.

Bill Gates reveals his all-time favorite books

Here are the five books Bill Gates recommended to his family and friends over the years.

Over 1,000 Kindle ebooks are up to 80% off ahead of Cyber Monday 2022

You can save up to 80% on over 1,000 Kindle ebooks right now. The books are included on the list of Kindle Monthly Deals.

Book returned to library 47 years past due, explanation provided

The book was returned to the library a few days ago. Library staffers found a letter of explanation inside.

Black Friday 2022 Kindle deals revealed, no Kindle 11 yet

You can get the Paperwhite for $95 and the Oasis for $165. Plus, there are several deals on Kindle bundles, allowing you to save even 44%.

This is the coolest gift you can give the book lover this year

This patented design can be clipped onto your reading glasses.

National Book Awards 2022 nonfiction winner is now 45% off for Kindle

Imani Perry South to America National Book Awards 2022 winner nonfiction

South to America by Imani Perry has just won in the National Book Awards 2022 nonfiction category. It costs $14.99 for Kindle for a limited time.

Expected teaching time across the world (infographic)

Statutory teaching time refers to the hours that a full-time teacher is expected to work each year as set by policy, rather than the actual teaching time.

How to gift Audible audiobooks via Amazon

Go to Audible Gift Center on Amazon, choose a plan, and send the gift via email.

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