20 ways to use ChatGPT in education (infographic)

ChatGPT generates human-like text by training on vast amounts of data. It’s specifically designed for chatbot applications, generating conversational and helpful text. 

The bot initiates conversations, responds to users, and provides assistance in a chatbot interface.

There is a growing number of ways in which educators and students can utilize ChatGPT. 

Ditch That Textbook has a detailed overview of how artificial intelligence can be used in education. The brief chart shown below is particularly helpful. It lists 20 ways to use ChatGPT in education (click on it to enlarge).

20 ways to use ChatGPT in education / Source: Ditch That Book

1. Use it as a more complex source of information than Google.

2. Use it to provide students access to lots of good examples.

3. Use it to remix student work.

4. Ask it for definitions (on a variety of levels).

5. Ask it for feedback for student work.

6. Ask it to do some teacher tasks for you.

7. Add it to the “think pair share” thinking routine.

8. Grade the bot.

9. Debate the bot.

10. Ask the bot for advice.

11. Use it to summarize texts.

12. Use it for insight into big, difficult-to-solve problems.

13. Ask ChatGPT to write your lesson plans.

14. Anticipate the response you’d expect from AI.

15. Take several responses and make a better product.

16. Create personalized learning experiences.

17. Provide tutoring or coaching.

18. Generate prompts and questions to facilitate discussions.

19. Provide information and answer questions.

20. Supplement in-person instruction.

Ditch That Textbook is a website and educational resource created by Matt Miller. The website provides ideas, strategies, and resources for educators looking to move away from traditional teaching methods that heavily rely on textbooks.

Via: ChatGPT with My Students

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