What women vs. men like to read and review (chart)

A few years ago, the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science published an interesting report about book reviews written by Goodreads users.

The report analyses over 200 thousand Goodreads books with reviews, focusing on the top 50 genres.

Recently, I have found a chart that quickly shows the distinction between the books women review compared to the ones reviewed by men.

There are only four genres that are read and reviewed by relatively more men than women: philosophy, comics, graphic novels, politics, and graphic novels.

The report highlights that female readers rate contemporary romance more highly, with males preferring short stories.

💬 For most common book genres, reviewers give higher ratings to books authored by their own gender, confirming that gender bias is not confined to the literary elite.

The report could also be an interesting view on reading preferences of women vs. men, based on an assumption that you review what you have read.

Click on the chart to see it in full resolution.

Goodreads reviewers by genre and sex / Report by SAGE Journals

Via: Inquisitive Bird on Twitter

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