2022 has marked a record high of requests to censor library books and materials

Book censorship in 2022, a report by American Library Association / Photo: DALL-E

The American Library Association (ALA) released the latest report on book challenges showing that 1,269 attempts to censor library books and resources were made in 2022, the highest number since ALA started collecting data 20 years ago. 

Of the 2,571 unique titles targeted for censorship, the majority were written by or about members of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of color.

58% of book challenges targeted books and materials in school libraries and 41% targeted materials in public libraries.

90% of the books challenged were part of attempts to censor multiple titles. 

ALA Director Deborah Caldwell-Stone remarked that these organized censorship groups are seeking to suppress voices traditionally excluded from conversations, and their attempts represent an attack on one’s right to choose what books to read and what ideas to explore.

ALA compiles data on book challenges from reports and news stories in the U.S. Its 2022 data is only a snapshot of censorship, as many challenges go unreported or unnoticed.

A challenge can either be resolved in favor of the book or result in it being restricted or withdrawn.

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