Cute kitties playing with books (AI photos)

Images of adorable kitties and books were created by artificial intelligence – DALL-E artbot developed by OpenAI

What image could bring more positive vibes than a cat sitting on a book?

Cats have been with our family for almost twenty years. I have read a book with the cat at my side multiple times.

However, I never managed to take a photo of such an activity that was good enough to keep it, not mentioning sharing it with others.

You know what, artificial intelligence can fix it. Some time ago, I have been playing with DALL-E artbot to create illustrations of adorable robots reading books.

So, I briefed DALL-E to create photos of adorable kitties playing with books. When you take a closer look, you will see that the kitties are not perfect and the books are not filled with a real text. But the caturday effect is definitely there!

If any of the following images makes you feel encouraged to read a book in a cozy place with a cat by your side, the job is done. Don’t thank me, thank artificial intelligence.

Images created by DALL-E are nothing compared to the possibilities Midjourney gives. Just take a look at these breathtaking AI-assisted photos of cozy bookmobiles.

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