Have you tried bionic reading already?

Bionic reading enhances the reading experience by displaying certain parts of the text in a bold font / Screenshots: Ebook Friendly

Bionic reading is a new era in reading experience. Introduced in May 2022, it allows users to read faster and understand more.

How does bionic reading work?

Bionic reading facilitates the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points. Simply, some parts of the words are displayed in bold text. 

As a result, you are focusing on the highlighted text (usually initial letters of the words) and your brain completes the rest. 

It saves time because your brain “reads” faster than your eyes.

The official Bionic Reading app is available for iPhone & iPad and Android

You can also add bionic-formatted books to your reading app, for instance Amazon Kindle. 

All you have to do is open the Bionic Reading web app, add an ebook file (epub is now also accepted by Amazon), wait for a conversion, and add a converted file to the reading app of your choice.

Full info: Bionic reading – a complete guide

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