Read an Ebook Week 2023 offers 120,000 free or deeply discounted ebooks

Read an Ebook Week 2023 – 120,000 free or discounted books / Image: Smashwords

Read an Ebook Week is an annual event that encourages people to discover the joy of reading ebooks. It is held in the first week of March and is hosted by Smashwords.

The 14th annual Read an Ebook Week 2023 Catalog includes over 120,000 multi-format books that are either free or deep-discounted exclusively at Smashwords only by March 12, 2023.

If you are a Smashwords author, you can enroll your books and promote your participation by following simple steps included in this RAEW hub page.

You can find enrolled ebooks by following the hashtag #ebookweek23 on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Here is a dedicated RAEW Facebook page.

Smashwords is a popular online platform for authors and publishers that lets publish, distribute, and sell ebooks in multiple formats and in several ebook stores.

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