It’s National Reading Month 2023! How are you going to celebrate?

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Founded in 1996, by the National Council of Teachers of English, National Reading Month is an annual month-long celebration of reading. 

The main goals of the National Reading Month are:

  • encourage people of all ages to read, 
  • explore different genres,
  • read books together with others, especially children,
  • make reading a part of a daily routine.

You can participate in National Reading Month activities without leaving home, and even if you live outside the US. 

The celebration starts in your mind!

Here are a few activities for National Reading Month!

Place books everywhere in your home

Sometimes a book placed within the reach of the hand can do more than a large bookshelf. Take the books out of the bookshelf and place them in the most commonly used places: a coffee table in the living room, a table in the dining room, a bathroom, or windowsills.

Take your kid to a bookshop

Spending 15 minutes in a bookshop on the way back from school is not a great sacrifice, but it can be an effective way to show your kid books give pleasure and make people smart.

Consider giving your child a device to read ebooks

Ebooks offer flexibility, accessibility, and portability. How about testing what your child feels about reading on the screen?

Add reading with kids to your annual reading challenge

Almost all reading challenges are designed for a single person, either an adult or a kid. Therefore, you have to be creative and create the tasks by yourself. How about doing it together with your child?

Share ebooks with your family

The easiest way to let your family members read ebooks is to connect their tablet with your Kindle or Kobo or Barnes & Noble Nook account, and let them choose from your collection of ebooks. You can use parental settings to exclude the books that are not appropriate.

Check out National Reading Month deals

Major online stores get involved in the celebrations as well, offering special deals throughout the entire month.

Amazon National Reading Month celebrations include deals on print and ebook editions of several popular books. Most importantly, you can buy Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets at reduced prices.

Reactivate Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is constantly improving, and Amazon makes it easy for former members to reactivate their subscriptions at preferable conditions.

When you reactivate Kindle Unlimited, make sure to provide access to your account to all family members so that you can make the most of the renewed subscription.

Turn your smartphone into an audiobook player

If you own a smartphone, you can start using it as an audiobook player in a couple of minutes. There are numerous great audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad or Android-powered phones and tablets. Pick up the app you like the most.

Set up your smart speaker to play audiobooks

There is an even better way to get your kid excited about audiobooks – smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod.

Read aloud to a child in the morning

Parents usually read aloud to their children in the evening, as the last thing before sleep. Break the rule. How about reading in bed together – but in the morning?

Use your Netflix binge-watching habits to read books

Habits you develop when watching Netflix and other VOD platforms are surprisingly helpful when you want to rediscover the joy of reading.

Make sure to read about ways in which you can implement your Netflix habits into reading book. Among them, you will find daily routine, celebration of reading, testing new book series, or improving language skills.

Full list: 17 enjoyable ways to celebrate National Reading Month

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