How chatbots can improve education – 3 ways

Chatbots in education – a part of the infographic by Best Education Degrees

Chatbots can be very useful in education. They may become one of the most promising tech tools used for learning.

They can be used to provide students with personalized learning experiences, facilitate communication between students and teachers, and provide guidance and advice.

An infographic from Best Education Degrees discusses how tech is changing education. It includes a very interesting section devoted specifically to chatbots.

How can chatbots improve learning?

Immediate feedback

∙ Learners who receive feedback immediately show greater improvement than those who get delayed feedback.

∙ Teachers can’t always grade an essay, but an artificial intelligence can. Al can even score papers within 92% accuracy, compared to human graders.

Spaced interval learning

∙ By reviewing material repeatedly over time, students are better able to remember what they’ve learned.

∙ Software algorithms can predict when you’ll start to forget what you’ve learned and time reminders to optimize memorization.

Self-paced learning

∙ Chatbots can track student performance and adjust the curriculum to better meet their individual needs.

∙ Chatbot tools can serve as a guide to help pace learning, not a replacement for a teacher or professor.

Any other ideas how chatbots can be used to improve classroom engagement and the learning curve? What types of chatbots are most suitable for educational use?

Via: The tech behind the next-gen education (infographic) – Reader Updated

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