Read books before robots do (pics)

Adorable robots reading books – images created by DALL•E artbot

Bots who follow me on social media know it very well: I’m a little nuts about getting people to read more books.

Here is my next attempt. Some time ago, I came up with a simple line, “read books before robots do”. Now, deliberately and sarcastically, I exploit robots to help me accomplish the task.

I have used my DALL•E credits to generate images that show adorable robots reading books. DALL•E is an artbot that generates images based on prompts you write. Every prompt I have used started with “an adorable robot”.

You can find all images, together with prompts for specific images, in the Robots reading books collection.

You don’t have to share this post. Robots will do it for me. I’m using a simple Google Calendar and IFTTT automation to share one image every month.

In fact, the images of adorable robots reading books will appear on social media even after I die, until my credit card is declined. Robots can do wonders.

Nowadays, the question is not how artificial intelligence can keep up with a human, but how a human can keep up with artificial intelligence.

Let’s face it: artificial intelligence is getting wiser every day. You may already know this: a popular chatbot could pass an MBA test.

Campaign: Read books before robots do
Creative Director: Piotr Kowalczyk
Art Director: DALL•E
Copywriter: Piotr Kowalczyk
Editor: LanguageTool
Marketing: Google Calendar, IFTTT

Read books before robots do

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