Has ChatGPT really passed an MBA exam?

Since the report from the Wharton Business School researchers was released, many posts on social media, for instance this one, claim it has.

I decided to find the answer at the source, and congratulated ChatGPT. Here is the answer:

Screenshot: ChatGPT

Quite frankly, I was expecting the chatbot to be surprised, finding out it did something it was not aware of.

On the contrary, the answer is what you would expect from someone who knows what has happened – and knows its role and limitations.

According to humans, an AI tool passed an MBA exam. It’s a simplification and exaggeration. The tool was asked the exam questions, that’s all. The fact you take the test doesn’t mean you pass the exam. 

According to the student itself, it didn’t pass an MBA test.

I agree with the chatbot, this time.

Source: ChatGPT passes Wharton Business School test – The Hill / Via: A popular AI chatbot could pass an MBA test

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