My reading nook would be where this blanket is!

Library throw blanket / Image: Walmart

How have you organized your reading nook? Do you have a peaceful place at home, where you can hide unnoticed for long hours?

What things have you added to make the nook comfortable? A chair, a set of pillows?

Any decorations, small or big? What about a scented candle that transfers you to the world of books? A small table for a coffee and marshmallows?

I have just discovered this remarkable, hand-made throw blanket with an artwork showing a colorful and cozy bookshelf full of books. It’s available at Walmart.

💬 Our colorful throw blanket combines the art of quilting and the love of books into a stylish bookcase quilt that is sure to spruce up your reading nook.

I suddenly realized that this single blanket is enough to turn any space into a cozy reading area.

Via: Bookshelf Throw Blanket – Reversible Library Book Cotton Quilt

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