Beautiful “Read” posters for classrooms and libraries

“Read” posters by Andrew Kolb / Source: Kolbisneat

Ontario-based illustrator, author, and game creator Andrew Kolb designed these wonderful “Read” posters back in 2017.

He created the posters for Artists for Education, a movement bringing artists together to create free, beautiful, educational artwork for classrooms.

💬 There’s nothing I love more than reading so if I can help a teacher or librarian share that passion with others, I’ll consider myself lucky.

The posters were free to download from the AFE site, which is, unfortunately, is no longer functioning.

However, you can spread the love for books by sharing the posters at any moment. Make sure to link back to Andrew Kolb “Read” posters.

Make sure to follow Andrew Kolb on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr for his latest illustrations, games, and stories.

“Read” posters by Andrew Kolb – poster 1
“Read” posters by Andrew Kolb – poster 2
“Read” posters by Andrew Kolb – poster 3

Source: Read Posters – Kolbisneat

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