Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for January-March are here!

Printable Book Lover’s Calendars for January, February, and March / Source: Ebook Friendly

Since we published on Ebook Friendly vintage monthly calendars for book lovers, readers were asking us if we planned to share printable copies.

You asked, we listened 😄

The monthly Book Lover’s Calendars are now available for download, in a print quality! 

Each printable file is in the pdf format, with 192 dpi quality, in 8.5 × 11 inch size. It’s large enough to be printed on the US letter or A4 paper.

The first batch of calendars can be downloaded right now:

Apart from the dates, each calendar includes a reading challenge for 4 weeks, a quote about the importance of books and reading, a fun fact about books, reading, or libraries, and a total time you’d spend reading books, if you read … minutes per day.

We will be revealing the next calendars every quarter:

▸ On March 23, 2023 – calendars for April, May, and June.

▸ On June 22, 2023 – calendars for July, August, and September.

▸ On September 21, 2023 – calendars for October, November, and December.

Make sure to follow us on WordPress Reader, Twitter, or Facebook to get notified when new sets of the calendars are revealed.

Posts with new calendars will be added to this directory: Book Lover’s Calendars.

The original list, with links to online stores, descriptions, and editable text, can be found at Ebook Friendly: Literary calendars for 12 months of your exciting reading life!


Book Lover’s Calendar for January / Source: Ebook Friendly
Book Lover’s Calendar for February / Source: Ebook Friendly
Book Lover’s Calendar for March / Source: Ebook Friendly

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