USA Today’s best-selling books list is suspended

The front page of USA Today best-selling books list, on December 14, 2022 / Screenshot: USA Today

After the newspaper’s parent company, Gannett, laid off the editor in charge of compiling the list, the USA Today weekly chart of top-selling books is on indefinite hiatus.

The latest update of the list is on December 1, 2022. When you enter the home page of USA Today’s Best-Selling Books, you will find the following message:

💬 The USA TODAY Best-Selling Books list is on hiatus as we make plans for 2023.

According to the Associated Press, Gannett laid off hundreds of staffers earlier this month, including Mary Cadden, the book reviewer and chief editor of the USA Today’s best-selling books list. She had worked on the list for over a decade.

USA Today’s book bestseller list was compiled weekly from sales data from retailers across the United States. It included both fiction and non-fiction titles. It was appreciated by both readers and authors for its diversity and transparency.

I would really love to write about the list in the present tense.

Full info: USA Today suspends book bestseller list

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