Book Riot reveals the Read Harder Challenge for 2023!

Read Harder Challenge 2023 / Image: Book Riot

The Read Harder Challenge 2023 is here!

It will invite you to explore settings, characters, genres, and perspectives that might be outside your reading habits.

Just like before, it consists of 24 tasks, so the goal is to read on average one book in two weeks.

The Read Harder 2023 is an invitation to have more fun from discovering and reading books. You can do the challenge however you want and share your thoughts with others.

💬 We hope you’ll hold yourself accountable, share your insights, and discover some fantastic reads you might not have otherwise chosen for yourself.

If you need assistance with completing the tasks, sign up for the Read Harder newsletter on the Book Riot website. You’ll get one email a day with suggestions for each task. The emails will start in January 2023.

Below, there is a quick preview of the 2023 challenge, and here you can download the high-resolution, editable pdf file.

Task No. 1: Read a novel about a trans character, written by a trans author.

What’s your favorite challenge on the list?

Full info: Book Riot’s 2023 Read Harder Challenge

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