OverDrive reached 3 billion checkouts of ebooks and audiobooks worldwide!

OverDrive reached 3 billion checkouts in November 2022 / Image: Freepik

OverDrive is a company that works with libraries all over the world to provide people with access to digital books.

Recently, the company celebrated a major milestone: they had 3 billion checkouts of ebooks worldwide

This was made possible by librarians and booklovers, who have been working hard to make sure everyone has access to books.

💬 This milestone comes thanks to librarians like you at the 81,000 libraries, schools, colleges, and organizations in 106 countries who partner with us.

It took OverDrive four years to reach the first 1 million checkouts in 2007. One billion checkouts were reached 11 years later, in 2018.

Thanks to readers, librarians, and bookworms around the world, it took only four years to score two billion checkouts more.

The OverDrive team is excited to keep providing books and hope to reach even more checkouts in the future.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a billion checkouts every year!

Via: OverDrive hits 3 billion checkouts – Good e-Reader

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