Audible editors reveal the best audiobooks and podcasts of 2022

Best audiobooks and podcasts of 2022, according to Audible editors / Image: Audible

Everyone knows Best Books of the Year lists revealed by Amazon editors. Did you know Audible editors curate a similar list, but focused on audiobooks and podcasts?

The list of the best audiobooks and podcasts of 2022 has just been revealed on Audible blog.

Audible editors look at the new releases and choose the ones with the highest ratings and best reviews.

💬 We activate our in-house genre experts and listen (and re-listen!) to thousands of audiobooks, audio originals, podcasts, and more—from single-voice productions to multi-cast dramas complete with immersive sound design, and everything in between.

The best audiobook of 2022 overall is All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir, narrated by Deepti Gupta, Kamran R. Khan, and Kausar Mohammed. It’s a YA novel that explores the connections between pain and love.

The main categories are: biographies, celebrity memoirs, comedy, debuts, fantasy, fiction, romance, nonfiction, and history.

Some featured titles have already landed on Amazon’s list of Top 100 audiobook bestsellers.

Full list: The Best Audiobooks and Podcasts of 2022

The best audiobooks of 2022 – top picks / Screenshots: Audible

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