Cyber Monday 2022 Kindle Unlimited deal has been revealed

Grab 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99 and save $30 / Screenshot: Amazon

Most deals on digital content, such as music, games, ebooks, or audiobooks, are usually revealed on Cyber Monday, not Black Friday.

However, the deal on Kindle Unlimited subscription is already here!

You can get the subscription for $0.99 and save $30.

How to get the Cyber Monday 2022 Kindle Unlimited deal:

1. Go to the sign-up page of Kindle Unlimited and log in with your Amazon credentials. Without logging in, you won’t see the offer.

2. Click on the “Join Kindle Unlimited” button and follow the instructions. Your subscription will start immediately.

3. You can avoid paying the regular fee when you cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription any time during the promotional period.

If you plan to buy a Kindle this Black Friday, you can activate the 4 or 3-month plan after you register your device.

Have a look at the current Kindle price deals on Amazon.

More info: Here are all Kindle Unlimited deals to grab ahead of Cyber Monday 2022

I may earn a commission if you buy something through this post.

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