An outstanding Swedish house organized around a library

This Nordic style house near Stockholm was designed to store an extensive book collection of its owners, and provide them with spaces for creative activity.

Designed by Fria Folket architectural studio, the house is situated on the edge of a sparse pine forest by lake Voxsjön. It’s organized around a library in the shape of a book gallery framing a small courtyard.

💬 Four gable-roof buildings complement the centrally located library, each one solving its own specific part of the program in accordance with the adjoining section; the East building – Cooking and gardening, the South building – Arts and crafts, the West building – Law, science and music and the North building, accommodating the areas for rest and recovery.

The library is the heart and vascular system of the house. Wouldn’t you like to spend some time here?

Full article: Library House / Fria Folket + Hanna Michelson

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