4 revealing facts on how people read on screen (infographic)

From the elearning company Shift comes an interesting infographic that takes a closer look at how we read on electronic displays.

💬 There are plenty of studies on how screen reading affects the brain. Some welcome the fact that screens afford a more enriching experience. Others maintain that they’re not ideal and may even reduce attention span.

Here are the highlights:

▸ As people are more exposed to text and other forms of content online, they tend to read less than 20% of it.

▸ Young people, those between 16 to 29, choose to read on screen rather than on paper.

▸ Readers prefer shorter texts because they cannot sustain attention for more than a minute.

▸ People are highly selective and tend to scan first before they read a text.

Source: Four Revealing Facts on How Learners Read On Screen

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