New Kindle 11 vs. Paperwhite 5 – size comparison

The 2022 Kindle sports the 6-inch display with 300 ppi pixel density. It’s three times more pixels than in the 2019 model. As a result, you will see crispier text and images.

Is the 6-inch display large enough? Readers’ needs are evolving. Why not get the 6.8-inch Paperwhite and enjoy 13% more space for bigger text and larger margins?

Here is how two devices stack up (click to enlarge).

Size comparison: Kindle 11 (2022) vs. Kindle Paperwhite 5 (2021) / Image: Ebook Friendly

Ask yourself a question: was my previous Kindle screen too small? You can always increase the font size or reduce margins to get the page layout that fits your needs the most.

Source: Amazon Kindle 11 (2022) – things to know before buying it

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